Lisa Fosler Kelly, Jennifer Wisniewski

Lisa Fosler Kelly and Jennifer Wisniewski

Owner Lisa Fosler Kelly
Lisa is a chef and an attorney who practiced law full time for more than 17 years. Her history includes assistance in the operation of a wine store, where she experienced wine at its most basic level.  She has worked in the restaurant industry for years, before and during her secondary education. Ms. Kelly completed the professional culinary program at Kendall College, and is the beverage director and wine manager for Bread & Wine.  Lisa has also developed three private label wines for Bread & Wine.

Owner Jennifer Wisniewski
Jen has extensive experience in restaurant development and management, and has been involved with numerous successful Chicago ventures, including Cafe Absinthe, Green Dolphin and Naha.  Her focus at Bread & Wine is maintaining operations for front of the house, planning and executing private events, and public relations.